Crestmont is a parent-run cooperative, which means each family contributes to the functions of the school. This keeps our tuition low which in turn enables Crestmont to meet its mission of creating an accessible and diverse community. Parent participation is also what makes the school community so strong and dedicated. Having active and empowered parents ensures that child feels supported, heard, and ensures that the school reflects the needs and desires of the community. 

Close contact with the school also guarantees Crestmont parents have up-to-date knowledge about the children’s activities, academic and social skills, and peer relationships. Crestmont children benefit from the diverse and creative pool of talent among member families. The students grow up surrounded by an alliance of adults devoted to their growth and well-being, who in turn find themselves enriched by what the Crestmont “village” has to offer our families. Parents build deep, long-lasting connections with other parents. Taking part in the collective effort of supporting the school is often a profound experience for Crestmont families.

However, Crestmont also understands that many families are very busy and may have limited time to contribute. As such, Crestmont recently reduced its required “community hours” to 20 hours per family. Crestmont also revamped its “family job” requirement so that each family has the support and guidance it needs to effectively and efficiently contribute to the school. While we expect each family to perform one of our family jobs, we offer flexibility in how each family meets these obligations.

Not only does participating in the school ensure each family’s voice is heard, but it is also an incredibly rewarding way to become a part of a committed community. Additionally, caregivers are able to model community engagement and advocacy for their children, which leads to our students becoming more empowered and dedicated to their community.

Being a part of Crestmont’s co-op school means that all the parents and extended family of our children look after the whole school. We encourage, support and know all of the members of the school.

Family Obligations

Each family is required to:   

  1. Attend monthly membership meetings (10 total, 9 required)
  2. Hold a family job
  3. Attend 2 Maintenance Work Parties (these will be assigned to you-one in August/one during the school year)
  4. Contribute 20 Community Obligation Hours

Fines will be assessed at the end of the school year for each missed obligation hour and meeting, unless other arrangements have been made through appropriate channels.

Membership Meeting Attendance

Membership meetings are held once a month, on the first Thursday of each month. Attendance by at least one parent from a family is required. One missed meeting per year is allowed; thereafter a $35 fee is assessed for each missed membership meeting.

The Extended Care Director arranges childcare for the meetings. While children often would enjoy accompanying their parents to the School for the evening, childcare is provided particularly for families who have no other options (such as leaving the child with another family member or hiring a babysitter) in caring for their child during the meeting. Families who use meeting childcare will be billed for the cost on their monthly tuition bill.

The membership meeting agenda is emailed in advance. If you have items to include in the agenda, please call or email the Vice-President or President several days in advance of the meeting. Membership meeting minutes are emailed to all members by the Secretary following each membership meeting.

Family Jobs

To best use the talents of all members and to most equitably share the work of running the school, each family is required to hold a family job. We do not predict the amount of time each family job will take, but we expect that each family will participate as needed, and remain in communication with the family jobs coordinator and/or operational chair or head of school should they have more or fewer hours to provide than the job requires. Examples of family jobs include serving on the Fundraising Committee, tracking extended care hours, serving as room parent, providing technology support, coordinating school events and holding a Board position. Families can also sign up to become “operational chairs,” which are positions that manage families who are assigned more discrete tasks related to the operational function. For example, our operational chairs include maintenance, finance, admissions, internal communications and marketing chairs. These positions oversee and provide assistance to families who are assigned more discrete family jobs, such as running Crestmont booths at community events, organizing the auction, assisting with admission tours, or assisting with campus laundry. The operational chair jobs are great for families who like to manage, organize, delegate and have broader input into that particular school function. Family jobs are assigned by the Family Jobs Coordinated in March. For more information on family jobs email the family jobs coordinator at

Facility Maintenance

Each family is required to contribute to school maintenance by attending two work parties per year. These will be assigned to you by the Maintenance Chair. One work party is to be completed in August before the first day of school.

In addition to managing on-going maintenance projects and work parties, the Maintenance Chair will maintain a special projects task list for members who cannot participate in a particular work party or who need to do extra work in order to complete their maintenance obligations.

Everyday Cleaning and Maintenance: Please note that the needed everyday cleaning and maintenance of the school is the responsibility of everyone! We follow the rule of “If you take it out, put it away.” If you use dishes, wash them and put them away before you leave. If you spill something, clean it up. If you see children not following this rule, remind them. The cleaning equipment should be put back in the same condition in which it came out. If you use the mop, make sure it is completely rinsed out and put away ready for the next person. For more information on maintenance at Crestmont, email

Community Hours

Each family must contribute 20 community obligation hours. These hours are in addition to the family job. These hours can be completed by doing activities that are outside the scope of your family job, including participating in fundraising events, volunteering in the classroom, driving and chaperoning for field trips, assisting with marketing neeeds, attending extra maintenance work parties, and so on at the discretion of the Head of School, Managers and the Membership chairs. Many times throughout the school year, families are invited to sign up for tasks that will satisfy their community hours. You MUST sign up for these in advance, and all hours need to be signed off by Membership, Managers, or Head of School to receive credit. There are other ways you may help the school that does not count toward these hours but are certainly appreciated. These are acts of goodwill and pitching in as needed (i.e. helping to stack chairs after meetings. For more information on community hours at Crestmont, email

Co-op Obligation Waivers and Buy-Out Option

Families facing serious difficulties may apply for a waiver of a portion of the service obligations. Crestmont also offers families the ability to “buyout” of their co-op responsibilities.   All rates are subject to change by the Membership each spring.