Current Tuition: $19,794

Tuition is voted on each year by our membership and is currently $19,794 for all grades. A 10% tuition deposit is paid at time of enrollment; 10% is paid on May 1st, another 10% June 1st, and the balance is billed in seven equal installments throughout the school year. Crestmont School welcomes full payment of the year’s tuition before the school year begins; as an incentive, we offer a 2% discount. We do not accept credit cards for these payments, and families on financial aid are not eligible.

Sibling Discount

Sibling discount (applied to second sibling only) – 6% of tuition

Additional Fees for 2020-21

  • Supply Fee (all grades): $300 per year
  • Earthquake Supplies Kit Fee (new students only): $30 one time

External Scholarships

External scholarships may be used to supplement financial aid.

The BASIC Fund awards scholarships to low-income families who qualify for the Federal Free or Reduced Price Lunch Program, and are entering private school for the first time. Check their website for application and eligibility details.

Financial Aid 

Crestmont offers financial assistance to families of varied incomes and financial circumstances. If you are considering Crestmont but you are concerned about tuition, please learn more about our financial assistance options

Crestmont’s mission is to create a diverse and accessible community. Currently, 65% of Crestmont families pay a reduced tuition.