Social Justice, Community Spirit, Academic Excellence

Crestmont’s founding vision of a strong, diverse community that supports each other as we teach our children feels more relevant than ever. In 2020, our modern co-op is a source of connection and strength for our families. Our students continue to thrive as we adapt to changing circumstances together. And we continue to send changemakers, skillful collaborators, and resilient, courageous citizens into the world. 

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Challenging Academics

Our project-based curriculum stretches students’ thinking and cultivates a deep love of learning. Crestmont children think critically and creatively, and develop excellent problem-solving skills.

Social Justice

Our vibrant social justice curriculum starts with issues of fairness and moves to environmental, racial, and economic justice. Students learn about movements and change, and develop the tools to take action in their community.

Diversity & Inclusion

We recruit, welcome, and affirm children, families, and faculty who reflect the diversity of the Bay Area. Inclusion and diversity figure into all aspects of our curriculum, and we honor multiple perspectives in our community.

Individual Attention

At Crestmont, we respect the dignity and individuality of each child. Our small class sizes make it possible to offer differentiated education to meet each child’s needs.

Social-Emotional Development

We nurture self-awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making that foster community and civic involvement throughout a child’s life.

Quick Facts

Total Enrollment: 85 students

Class Size: 9-14 students

Adult to Child Class Size Ratio: 1:4

Sibling Discount: 6%

Families Receiving Tuition Assistance: 65%

Extended Care: until 5:00 p.m.