Crestmont’s 50th Anniversary Party

Crestmont’s 50th Anniversary Party

Crestmont welcomed the new year with a hearty 50th-anniversary party that honored its roots and gave thanks to its loving and robust community. Families and alums from near and far packed the school’s campus on a wintery day in January, reuniting with beloved former teachers and one of the school’s founders.

The party featured a comprehensive display of Crestmont archives and memorabilia, which revealed the depth of the school’s roots in social justice, community, and hands-on learning. On show were hand-bound poetry books produced each year by students, the actual stones from the annual Stone Soup event, and newspaper articles memorializing the school’s famous marches for peace. Also on display was one of the handmade quilts that the staff, parents, and children all created, circa 1986. Reconnecting to this quilt-making tradition, kids, staff, and parents at the event were able to decorate a quilt square for a new Crestmont quilt. A slideshow featured 50 years of photos of Crestmont students and teachers, as they played, marched, sang and came together throughout the generations.

Born in the late 1960s, Crestmont’s foundation is formed on activism and a hands-on and project-based curriculum. From the beginning, Crestmont has celebrated a diverse student body, as well as a focus on social-emotional development that is reinforced by a loving and participatory parent community. Looking back, we see how those strands of our history connect to our current life at Crestmont.

Looking forward, Crestmont will continue to commemorate its 50th year with 50th-year-themed projects and events, including a “50 acts of kindness” initiative, in which the student body will complete 50 service projects around the school and community throughout the year. The celebrations will culminate with an auction and gala in May – keeping 1969 alive with the theme “Crestock”!

Stay tuned for more information and ways to stay connected.