Thank you to all of our teachers and administrators for heroically running our distance learning program, for giving your hearts as well as your time, during this pandemic. Thanks for learning new programs, researching apps, and finding ways for us to learn and connect on and off-screen.

Crestmont School is small but MIGHTY and doing comprehensive planning for Fall 2020.

Come see how our modern co-op came together during this crisis in community and in education!

Our Mission

At Crestmont School, we cultivate a creative learning environment where students become critical thinkers, skillful collaborators, and courageous change-making citizens.

Quick Facts

Total Enrollment: 85 students

Class Size: 12-17 students

Adult to Child Class Size Ratio: 1:4

2019-2020 Tuition: $19, 406 per year

Sibling discount: 6%

Families Receiving Tuition Assistance: 42%

Extended Care: 7:30am until 6:00pm